When Your Body Is In Alignment Artwork

WWhen your body is in alignment with the universal law of gravity you are in line with the universal law of aligning to your purpose. When you’re free of the blocks and layers of restriction in your body you are free of the emotional blocks that hold you back. Layers of fear that stop you from committing to life. When you’re working with gravity to achieve optimal muscular balance you are no longer controlled by forces that keep us small and stagnant. When our skeleton can distribute the weight of our body through its bones, our soft tissue isn’t burdened with that weight. When you pursue your personal development, challenge your ego, teach it how to look after you without fear (through many, many avenues of mind therapy) you unlock layers of bind within your body and achieve greater freedom in your joints. When you challenge the boundaries of your joints and teach them how to move and support you, you upload new boundaries into your mind. When you exercise your body you exorcise your limitations. When you stretch you expand. There is no separation between head and feet, there is no separation between emotions and body, no separation between ego and fascia no separation between your muscles and soul. There is no quick fix, it’s a long journey. It costs your ‘sanity’ your commitment to yourself, tests your pain pathways and your purse strings. But when you get even nearly there, (because this is life’s work, and I cannot say what the end result is) you can rest assured that the other side of being broken is rebuilt, enslaved is freedom, stubborn- determination, critical-nurturing, apathy-desire, lost-found, anger-love, fear-courage, wanting and hoarding-giving and receiving. It’s a complex thing this body and mind of ours. It’s a map of who we are, what we are and where we are going. No two people have the same blue print, but when you’re on the journey of discovery, in whatever way you can, especially in this day an age where it’s safer and easier not to, you should definitely give yourself one almighty pat on the back.