Self Deep

Deep down in the pits of our being
In the labrynth of darkness our troubles are hidden
By gatekeepers staunchly preventing our seeing
Our taboos and desires for all that’s Forbidden
We don’t want to go there, only harm will prevail
Our connection to darkness confuses our light
Our head is split we’re so scared to fail
So we dishonour our shadow and lock it down tight.

Deep deep within, our exiles lay weak

Disconnected alone enmeshed in grief
With emotions confusing and outlook bleak
They survive on a feed of hopeless belief
Ruled by fear to keep them concealed
If we don’t journey inward to discover their plight
We live unaware vacant unhealed
Enmeshed in the system no passion no fight
We live a half life refusing to see
The beauty inside wrapped up in protection
But our mother knows what she wants us to be
So she hits us hard with brutal affection
We scramble and struggle through the mud of our past
We get messy and triggered and misaligned
We get stuck in our logic and get no where fast
We get locked down alone resourceless resigned.
We search for soothing the voice is so loud
We fuel our addictions to try and find peace
But the voice isn’t one there’s a whole frightening crowd
There’s no escaping there’s no release
There’s judgement on shame and shame on fear
There’s fear on love cause there’s no one there
There’s a system in chaos but who is this seer?
Who’s at the top in the position of care?
Self to the rescue I’ve met you at last
Please help guide me along
I’m troubled by future present and past
I need a perspective that’s honest and strong
But how do I know you what is your voice
Im not always aware of your song
In life’s challenges there’s always a choice
And my choice nearly always is wrong
You beautiful being I have been assigned
To empower a team to protect you from harm
You’re born on a planet that’s so misaligned
But you’re here and I’m here be calm
You’re courageous and creative calm and
Curious Clear and Confident too
So much of your psyche means you’ve  rejected
The Compassion you need to get you through
There’s so many things you had to endure
While this Earth couldn’t give you your rite
The healing you need is so pure
And will bathe your past in light
When my voice is your voice your guides will blend
And walk strong as a vessel of love
Your dreaming will bring poverty and war to an end
And the heavens will shine from above
Our hate is our love, our strength our fears
Our pain is our growth, our happiness our tears.
Our frustration our creation, our shame is our freedom
Our polarity our clarity. Our ignorance is wisdom.
And in all of our blindspots a diamond from source.