Loving the skin you’re in

So my thought of today goes to one particular client who was in the clinic. A women who was uncomfortable when revealing her abdomen during treatment. Said abdomen had the signs of having once being pregnant in the form of stretch marks. I didn’t mention them, I felt she didn’t want attention drawing to something that was so clearly an issue for her. I kept the conversation flowing throughout, but what I really wanted her to hear was this.

‘Those marks are a sign that you have been through one of the most significant of human phenomena that only women can do.

You produced life, created a new heart and brain and skeleton and organs and body. Each one of those marks is a symbol that you produced millions of cells that created a child. Each mark signifies another week where you created extra centimetres of bone growth in your child, each silver mark, a sign that another human being is on this planet because of you. Each mark a sign that you will have pushed so hard beyond all our usual capacity to push, the ultimate power of the human race, the power to push. I can only hope to unleash my body’s ability to push and deliver something in that way. You have the signs of that achievement. No artist could create such meaningful work or come close to attempt to recreate the significance of what those marks actually mean. If you’re on my therapy couch and you have stretch marks from pregnancy, if I see them and you’d rather I didn’t draw attention to them just know that I am in complete and utter awe of what you did, and I hope that one day your child tells you how incredible you are to have been able to go through all the powers that take place during pregnancy and labour. I hope you can one day be in a place where those marks are celebrated rather than being hidden away. And if you happen to draw attention to them, in a not so positive way, as many women have over the years, be prepared you will get a rampage of these words above.