Diplomas in Sports Therapy, Myofascial Release, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Comprehensive Resource Model, Internal Family Systems, Quantum Liberation and Sound Therapy. Certificates in: Sekhem and Reiki energy work, Quantum Touch, Equine Sports Massage, Kinesiology, Medical Acupuncture, Animal movements, Kundalini Breath work. An extensive catalogue of training, and understanding. Attended personal development courses in Tantra, Meditation, Yoga,  Over 400 hours of s hamanic soul retrieval and absorbed a catalogue of books.

Continued Professional Development is at the heart of his career, at any month of the year he is either reading writing or attending further courses to develop. His training has seen him in New York, South America, Indonesia with much more planned for the future.

Christian has vast experience working with clients from all ages and backgrounds, he has a particular interest in helping those to expand on their personal, physical, spiritual and emotional development.

‘I have been honored to work with all my clients over the years, some who come with no injuries or pain, but a desire to step into more of their potential. ‘Waking up’ to the realisation that we could be more, is paradoxically often a painful challenging process, the layers of resistance and fear run deep. In my personal and professional stage of development I have acquired the skill of connecting with you through the most gentle of nurture compassion and understanding, but also the force to fearlessly compel you out of your shell. The extent of our work together is limitless. My jaw consistently drops just as much as yours when you connect to more of who you become.’


Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a psychotherapeutic model used to explore the inner workings of our mind. Richard Shwartz  is the owner of the model. Over the past 30 years he has created a substantial approach of how to access and heal unprocessed trauma and adverse experiences in our system. The leading Neuroscientist and Psychiatrist Bessel Van Der Kolk states that IFS is one of the only systems that actually allows us to go in and 'Heal' trauma material. As opposed to the many lengthy models that go in and lock down trauma with a lid of positive new belief system. Navigating through the many voices that make us who we are is a very empowering process that connects you to your true self. To really progress in life we have to find space from parts of our mind that judge and feel shame and anger and frustration and apathy and jealousy and all other feelings that disconnects us from Self. Living a life from the Fight Flight Freeze response is the hook of all our problems.

Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) is another powerful Psycho- Spiritual therapeutic approach. Much of our work to process traumatic experiences requires resources. CRM gives you the opportunity to stay present and in charge while working through Re-Membering the stories of our past. Lisa Shwartz the course founder is an exceptional lady with her extensive personal trauma history that she has healed using this incredible model. This approach is steeped in evidence based Neuro biology.

Quantum Liberation (QL) This is a very galactic approach to clearing the remnants of our past. Working with the concept that our mind is made of algorithms and codes. Permeated into our minds through intergenerational and societal programs that can define our life choices. For those who work with natural law and universal law, we know that Karma is done, to sign up to this life with a list of karmic debt that we must clear is believed to be part of the 'Old Way' and we can take back our sovereignty and clear all attachments that hold us down from being the magical creators that we all can be. Tamara Messenger is a wizard and a huge inspiration.

I am so very privileged to be able to work with three such amazing approaches from three next level teachers. Fusing them into a blend is really powerful and brings about real difference to clients. We really don't need to be spending years in talking therapies any more, we can just get to, As Lisa Shwartz says, the 'Dandelion Root' and pull it.

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