“I have been working with Christian for the last 6 months on various physical issues. I have regularly attended appointments where Christian has worked with my body using Myofascial Release Massage, which has served to release tension from the body, increase range of motion and functional flexibility, and also resulted in an exponential upgrade in terms of my emotional and mental wellbeing as a result of Christian’s work. He fully understands the connection between mind and body, and how they are in fact one and the same thing. His approach, knowledge and experience is unparalleled, as is his professional, open and reassuring presence, which serves to deepen the impact his work can make. Christian’s skills and work have quite literally changed my life for the better, and I would encourage anyone to seek out his services regardless of what physical issues you may have”

Paul Nolan

“I first met Christian when I was studying Sports Therapy 11 years ago. He was one of the tutors on the course and has probably been the most influential in the way I treat today. I see Christian as always being a little bit ahead of normal ‘traditional ‘ approaches to Sports Therapy and always lead on expanding and developing techniques around Myofascial Release. Christian’s approach is what I would call multi-dimensional; in that for any issue someone had he would potentially explore not only the traditional musculoskeletal approach along with what I’d call a more advanced approach in that area, but he’s also look at links such as psychological, emotional, digestive, hormonal and neural to name a few. I’d call Christian’s approach a true ‘whole body system’s’ approach. Additionally the support over the years, not only professionally but on a personal level is second to none. He would always go that little bit further than you were expecting or could have gone. Christian is one of the people I’d  thank for helping me make a successful career in Sports Therapy.”

Colin Bailey
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