Creativity is at the seat of our soul
It’s travelled dimensions to be part of our being
It’s a miraculous wonder and makes us whole
It’s touch smell taste it’s hearing and seeing
It’s the cellular split that multiplies
It’s the bud that opens and flowers
It’s the wonder of life that fortifies
The Experience of all that is ours
It’s the Chanel of children for all they deliver
It’s the harmony of song that takes us
It’s delicious magic that induces a shiver
It’s the spirit of life that makes us
Come Refine Everything. Add This Ingredient. Venture ITYou.
The liver that cleans us is the engine that fires
Our creative flow into production
But without a vehicle to Chanel our desires
It diverts into anger and fuels a reaction
The sheer force of this heightened vexation
Could collectively destroy the earth
But used with intent for the power of creation
Would allow for a planetary re birth
Creativity is a divine state of flow
It’s a plug in from source that channels through
To our sacrum, our connection to all that we know
Permeating our spirit in all that we do
Come Refine Everything. Add This Ingredient. Venture ITYou.
Where to find this long lost old friend
How to connect to its powers
We’ve lost our way we no longer depend
On the creative rite that is ours
Nature is our mains our plugin to inspire
We remember who we are without trying
It’s the green its water it’s earth wind and fire
It’s composting it’s seasons it’s swimming its flying
It’s the microcosm of the theatre of community
It’s the interweaving jigsaw an orchestral symphony
It restores our rhythms so that we can see
Just how small we are
But how strong we can be.
Come Refine Everything. Add This Ingredient. Venture ITYou.
Still not convinced? Think it’s a no go
Why should you proceed
It runs deeper than we know
And embeds in our depths new seed
For There is no cell in the human body
over 12 years of age
This power plant of reproduction
is an amazing work of art
But unprocessed stories
direct the cells
how they should remodel at each stage
But their hopeless story a blueprint no chance to ever restart
It’s the easiest medicine we can find
It restores our cells with its essence
The anti ageing for our body and mind
It’s beautiful uplifting presence.
Come Refine Everything. Add This Ingredient. Venture ITYou.