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  • The emotional link to pain within the body

    a practicing Sports Therapist and Myofascial Release practitioner, some of you will know I have a strong interest in the emotional link to pain within the body, and have spent the last 10 years reading and evaluating clients in pain and their emotions. It’s always fascinated me how so many client’s injuries and chronic pains […]...

  • Loving the skin you’re in

    o my thought of today goes to one particular client who was in the clinic. A women who was uncomfortable when revealing her abdomen during treatment. Said abdomen had the signs of having once being pregnant in the form of stretch marks. I didn’t mention them, I felt she didn’t want attention drawing to something […]...

  • When Your Body Is In Alignment Artwork

    When your body is in alignment with the universal law of gravity you are in line with the universal law of aligning to your purpose. When you’re free of the blocks and layers of restriction in your body you are free of the emotional blocks that hold you back. Layers of fear that stop you […]...

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